Growing In Leadership Stature.

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Standing on ShouldersI’m not talking about the desire to become rich and famous or becoming known as a “Great Man” or as a “Great Woman.” I am talking about growing so much as a leader that others around you know it for a fact and you become top of mind for help and counsel when they run into issues they feel they need some help with. That’s the real work of any leader – growing other leaders whilst growing himself at the same time!

1st-followerLeadership isn’t very important, it’s everything. Now, I know we’ve all been hearing about how leadership is overrated and so on. Ask yourself, is that talking about bad leaders, particular types of leaders or is that talking abut leadership qualities in general? No matter what types of leaders we might have experienced, we would all agree that leadership qualities are paramount, and that there is a need to develop those qualities in everyone, ja? Derek Sivers says that the first follower is actually more important. I disagree. The first follower has got to have someone to Jack Welch Mentorfollow, ja? Jack Welch says that he doesn’t think people need mentors, they should learn from many other people as well. I agree partially. It is still good to have a primary mentor at different stages in life because there will always be a need to become accountable to someone who is not your peer, and preferably older and wiser than yourself.

So, recognize this, and do not hesitate to get others to help you grow as a leader and as a person. You can do so today!

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