Hard Headed? Or Hard Hearted?

Do you know of people whom you might describe as “numbskulls”, “dum-dum” or other? How about yourself, have people described you as such? I’ve certainly been given quite a few of those epithets! To be sure, some were definitely true, too! Pause for a while. As I asked in the title, “Are we hard headed or really hard hearted?”

It really starts with the condition of our heart. We’ve all met people whom many might describe as being “soft-hearted” and easily manipulable but push far enough and you’ll finally get your nose bloodied by a hard, unyielding shell housing that person’s innermost desires. That having been said, it’s also true that people all over the world have been fed lies designed to make them believe that others are to blame, that other people, the government, “society” in general, owes them a living in the form of extractable concessions or “reparations” due because of some actual or perceived slight in the past. What that has done is to egregiously ooze a learned helplessness in populations at large, resulting in such a large percentage being taken in by “wokeness”, including the culture of blame and envy. No, “soft-hearted” is definitely not the way to go. What is needed is “strong-hearted”, which is really rooted in genuine love for oneself and for other people. “Strong-hearted” also means things like “tough love” which is so essential for all of us, particularly leaders, because having tough love means running the risk of people not loving us back the way we would like. Yes, we have to decide to be strong hearted and demonstrate tough love.

If we decide on strong heartedness and tough love, then one of the results is that we will develop a genuinely hard head. In business, politics and the tough life of this world in general, we as leaders need to be able to make the tough decisions. The hard decisions which will largely prove to be unpopular and have us run the risk of having our reputations unjustly tarnished.

Are you a leader who really cares for your people, your clients, your customers, your community, your nation? Choose to develop a strong heart. And a forehead like flint as you make the hard decisions which you know could kill you, but which are so essential for your people to grow as valuable, productive individuals. “Kidnappable” leaders, as I like to call them. How about it?

Like to have a hard head which is a manifestation of a strong, caring heart? Come join me and let’s develop that! Check out my membership page here, send me an email or other message and let’s get started!

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