High Quality Does Not Imply High Desirability!

ShoesImagine two pairs of great-looking leather shoes. The first pair are of high quality and not branded. The second pair are not-as-high-quality but branded. All other things being equal, which pair would you be inclined to buy? If all other things are not equal, what would be the one factor that would influence you either way, i.e., the high-quality, not branded pair of shoes, or the not-so-high-quality but branded ones? 

Shoes_1Perhaps not surprisingly, more people would choose to buy the not-so-high-quality but branded pair of shoes. One of the main factors influencing their decision to do so would be the high ratings given by peers and favourable reviews on social media. More people would tend to buy a branded, not-so-high-quality pair of shoes than not. 

How does this affect the way you present your goods and services? Do you go for what is popular, what you know people want, or can be manipulated to think they want? Or do you maintain your high quality and find ways to market your goods and services better, to perhaps the market segment you are aiming for? Whatever choice you make, be sure that you are very clear about what you want, what your values are, and that you are very comfortable living with the choice you make. 

Which pair of shoes would you buy?
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