His Majesty’s Service

The verse from “The Illustrated Art of War” by Samuel B Griffith swirls around in my mind and comes to the fore from time to time. I am in the midst of lifelong learning and have been greatly blessed by Thomas Sowell and many others who are in the Hoover Institution part-time or full time. As I was listening again to one of the great interviews of Thomas Sowell by Peter Robinson, this verse came to my mind. How few indeed are they who would speak their mind when they know what needs to be said, without fear of ridicule or fear of being “cancelled”, as we might put it today! Genghis Khan was certainly one of them. He never betrayed any of his generals and they certainly loved him to his dying day. As Jack Weatherford, author of “Genghis Khan and the making of the Modern world” wrote about what the soldiers said: “If he sends me into fire or water I go. I go for him.”

There seems to be a general lamenting that the leaders of yore are not to be found today. Really? How about you? How about putting into practice some of what has inspired you and exercising self-discipline in applying yourself to them day after day after day? Is constant training one of them? Do so. Is “I say what I see” one of them? Speak up! Is taking action to inspire and lead others to do what is right something that speaks to you? Then take action!

I’n embedding one of the Peter Robinson-Thomas Sowell interviews here. Do enjoy it and there are many more on the Hoover Institution’s Youtube channels, too. All of the above are much easier if we decide that we are “On His Majesty’s Service” or “On Her Majesty’s Service” if you happen to be British. If you don’t happen to have a Majesty, who’s your equivalent? It gives a much greater focus and great energy to your existence. Try it!


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