How To Answer Interview Questions Well? Only One Way.

[[Warning! This post may be offensive to some!]]

And what is that one way? Truthfully, of course!

I see many tips on how to answer interview questions well, how to prepare to “ace” the interview, etc, online. It is as though people are saying that all you need to do is get past the interview stage and you’re all set. Some even justify that once you’re through the front door, then it’s time to show your true colours! I suppose they don’t realize how true that is! Such ideas smack of the attitude many people have of doing well in the examinations, and then have an easy rest-of-your-life. I think such posts and articles are very irresponsible. They are helping bad work ethics to fester.

Of course you prepare for interviews, and of course you study for exams! The real question is what is the attitude you are doing it in? Just so you can get your way, the desires of your heart?

We have to stop practising what we preach. We need instead to preach what we practice. If we think that when we apply for a certain job or position, we are going to deliver great value, then we are already a great fit for the job. However, if we are just thinking of remuneration and career advancement, then we won’t be a good fit for ANY job even if all the psychometric assessments say we are!

As business leaders, keep this always at the back of your heads. And bring it to the fore when you’re hiring.

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