I Have a Dream, of Wealth to Bring

DaydreamingWhat is your dream? I’m assuming you do have a dream, of course. If you don’t, you might need to come and see me sometime. I said “dream” instead of “dreams” because there is one thing we all want in life, and it is manifest in many and different dreams. That one thing is referred to in questions like “Who Am I?”, “Why Am I Here?”, and “What Does This All Mean?” In our reach for that one thing, we all have dreams before us. Many dreams are expressed in terms of “I want to see the world”, “I want to be financially independent”, “I want to bring education to underprivileged children” and such like. And then, the caveat is expressed, which goes something like “In order for me to be able to help others, I must first be rich. I need to make lots of money, a few millions, perhaps, before I can be in a position to help others meaningfully, and not wallow together with them at their level.” How very logical. So logical that many have become ensnared by it and have turned themselves into very selfish pigs indeed.

Scales money heartThe old joke goes that if you ask a businessman “How much is enough?”, the answer will be “Just a little bit more.” Extrapolate “businessman” to include the rest of the human race. Did that crusty old curmudgeon start off with lofty and noble aspirations to help other people? Of course he did. So how did he end up like that? Simple. We become what we put before our eyes constantly. I am not talking about being put in an environment you have no wish to be in. I am talking about what we think about constantly, what we tell ourselves, and how effective that is in shaping our character and eventually our destiny.

So, do you dream of wealth? I hope you do! I hope you dream of the great wealth you already have within you, about how you can bless others with it. I hope you dream about how you can grow that great wealth within you so that you can have more to give. For the time to bring wealth to others is not in six months, or a few years, or after you have made your millions and have retired. The time to dream of bringing wealth to others is now. Is that your dream? Then what are you waiting for?

If the title sounds familiar, this is why:

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