I Know Awreddy, Lah!

For those unfamiliar with “Singlish”, which means “Sinful English” – no, just kidding, lah. “Singlish” is Singapore English, what someone called Toh Paik Choo used to call “Pasar Patois”. You donno? Why so goondu one? Well, for those still wondering, the title can also read “But I Know That Already!”.

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Of course you do. Then again, how deep is your “know”? Of course, we can’t have intimate knowledge and experience of everything. Then again, can we have a deepening of knowledge, understanding, experience of more things supporting our life purpose, so it can be strengthened? Focus, of course. But focus on what? If you are a Finance person, do you simply focus on Finance in order to be an “expert”? At the end of the day, how does your “Finance” expertise contribute towards growing the business? Does it demonstrate how finances are generated and preserved? Turned into assets? Poured into the running of the business operations? Can it show how it will support priorities when they come? Does it know how to quickly transfer resources from one sector to another in such a manner that people in the sector from which resources are being drained are given every opportunity to be upskilled and redeployed? Is it in a position to provide solutions for acquiring external assets even when liquidity is low? A “Finance” person is not just a “Finance” specialist. He has to be a part of the whole business team adding value to the business from a “Finance” posture and perspective. That applies to everyone else, sales, marketing, IT, supply chain, personnel, procurement, you name it.

Yes, you do know already, lah. Not enough, leh. You need to know and experience deeper and wider. You need to always have the whole business on the screen in front of you. Think what? Ah bud den?

Remember, winners practise until they get it right. Champions practise until they can’t get it wrong. And then they move on to the next level of mastery. Expand their repertoire. Get better tools and instruments. It’s grow or die.

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