I Love You Just The Way You Are…But Too Much To Let You Remain That Way

Forlorn pigeonThis came to me after I’d finished delivering a short introduction to behavioural styles to the C-suite of an international insurance company in Kuala Lumpur. I realized that the old song by Billy Joel, which is the first part of the title, described how we ought to relate to others, especially those with behavioural styles different from our own.

Then I thought further and realized that, having accepted the surface attributes of behavioural styles in others, ought we not also to help others develop where character and leadership qualities were concerned? The behavioural science helps to take care of the environment and prepares the ground for smoother interpersonal relationships. But if we want to help each other grow, we need to go much deeper than that. We need to remember that “iron sharpens iron” and encourage each other to truly be the best that each of us can be. Then we won’t need to worry about competition. We’d be having “co-ompetition” instead!

Let me know your thoughts!

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