If Introverts Are Cool, Does That Mean Extroverts Are Warm?


I mean, like, what’s the actual temperature we’re talking about? What, exactly, ARE “Introverts” and “Extroverts” anyway? Who decides who gets to be cool, who gets to be warm, and is anybody ever “hot”?

We have been pussyfooting around with the cult of personality for far too long. We have replaced commitment, dedication, diligence, physical labour, cross-examinations, deep analysis, perspicacious synthesis, producing good plans, determinedly following-through with those plans, and just making things happen with “leadership styles”, “personality preferences” and other meaningless tripe.

Enough! Today, this week, determine to get at least one thing done meaningfully in a manner par excellence. Inspire at least one person to become one percent better. Stop whining about your “limitations” and “preferences” and start building some muscle and get yourself some backbone! Open yourself to others and contribute by helping them in a meaningful way, don’t just “be vulnerable”! Kick that dastardly laggard on your team who is pulling the rest down and getting away with it! Call him aside and spend your precious time coaching him to greater heights. If he doesn’t improve, fire him! Lobby your representatives to stop passing destructive legislation and start doing their jobs by legislating what is right, not what is popular, and certainly not what is just profitable!

Get those simple things done, and you need not worry any more about who’s an introvert, who’s an extrovert, omnivert, whatever. Build people up, get out of the way, and watch them surprise you with their creative, profitable genius!

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