I’ll Tell You What You Want, What You Really Really Want.

Sin is a monster of such awful mien

That to be hated needs but to be seen

But seen too oft, and full in face

We at first wonder, then pity, then embrace

This familiar poem reminds us of the power of repetition, the power of reinforcement, the power of inoculation. Being creatures of habit, we inevitably become what we focus our hearts and minds on.

Marketers know this. That is why branding is diligently worked at. The pictures. The sounds. The look and feel. The textures. The aromas. More importantly, the meaning of each and every one of those symbols. Since most of us are passive-responsive, we have a habit of just soaking in whatever messages are continuously sent to us, by the ions and particles in the air we breathe, by the solutes in the water we relax in, the oils and other spa essentials. Do they tell us what we want? Of course! They repeat the message. About what we already know we want.

What do you really want? What’s in the air you breathe, the water you soak in? What foods and drinks do you nourish your mind and soul with? What kind of atmosphere do you provide for others? What sort of water is coming out of you? What food and drink do you have for those who depend on you?

Answer those questions. And I’ll tell you what you really want. Is what you really want to your liking? I hope so. Make sure it is.

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