In Today’s SD Environment, You Really Have To Be SD!

The title should read “In today’s Severely Distracted environment, you really have to be Special Delivery!

SDWe are a distracted people. We allow small disturbances to take away our focus and our attention from more important issues. We allow the unimportant to edge out the important, like relationships. We think that gadgets and social media can take the place of spending meaningful quantity and quality time with people who matter to us. People who are our family members, relatives, friends, business associates, clients, customers, suppliers and just people who can be called our stakeholders. We forget that gadgets and social media ought to be enhancements and not replacements or even detractors where our relationships are concerned.

Make a decision to be a Special Delivery person today. Instead of texting, meet in person or at least call. Send a handwritten letter instead of an email. Stop chasing all the hype about being number one in search engines, using magical keywords, elevator pitches, growing rich in your niche and all that. Be a person. And remind another person that he or she is one, too!

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