Income Inequality? Greed And Exploitation, You Mean.

WealthI really miss when spades were called spades. Circumvention is, unfortunately, a skill which I think all of us wish secretly we could disinvent. If you’re a leader worth your salt, you’d know what I mean. If we paid each of our people what they are truly worth, the income of the rainmaker would not be so far above the others. On the other hand, some sloths might find their pay drastically reduced, or even get the boot altogether!

Greed is what causes people to exploit other people for their own benefit. Greed is also what causes people to slave their lives away for the profit of others. Greed doesn’t work alone. It always partners laziness. The difference between the exploiter and the exploited is the degree of cunning and avarice exercised. Granted, there are entrepreneurs who truly bring value to those all around them, but I trow they are few and far between. Even with the best of intentions, many entrepreneurs may be forced to conform to well-established machines designed to milk the bulk of mankind for what they’re worth whist insulating the milk drinkers. Increasing taxes for the rich will not help. The rich are past masters of the art of circumvention. The only way to address income inequality is to live in a system that brings equity, not equality, all round. Schooling needs to be replaced with education. Hard work needs to become part of everyday life, and it is hard work that is enjoyed. I said hard work, not slave labour. There is a difference. Trade in necessities should cease. Trade ought to be only for luxuries or surplus necessities traded for produce not locally produced.

Tall order, so nobody will do those things I talked about. But they are the only way to treat the cancer of “income inequality”, otherwise known as greed and laziness. Do not strive to get rich. Rather, lead your company to be one of value. Seek wealth, not riches.

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