The Incredible THUNDER Of The Still, Small Voice.

That is not an oxymoron. I happened to read Bob Sutton’s post on LinkedIn, about leaders needing to get out of the room, and was immediately reminded of another post I’d written, “Leaders Need To…Lead, Follow And GOOTW!” This then led me to think of the quote by Mary Anne Radmacher which I see quite often, [Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow.”]

ThunderDo you realize how thunderingly loud a still, small voice can be? I am not talking about the negative voice some people call “the little voice inside your head.” I am talking about the still, small voice that comes from two sources.

The first still, small voice is from a great leader. You know him. You respect him. Perhaps you even stand in awe of him. The still, small voice of the great leader can be heard even when that great leader is nowhere to be discerned. It is as though the leader has a presence in the room or other meeting place or even when you are all by yourself. It is as though you know that the leader is looking at you with the unspoken question “What do you think I would do if I were there with you?”

The second still, small voice comes from within. It is as though you were a future, more experienced, wiser and more mature version of yourself asking yourself the same question “What do you think I would do if I were there with you?”

That still, small voice is best heard when you are in the realm of silence and stillness. For only then will its thunder move you to greater heights. Do you hear it? Don’t strain to hear. Just be still. And listen.

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