Injustice Is Just Unjust.

That language known as English is just, well, quirky. If a judge is unjust, the result is injustice. If the judge is just, then whoever deserves it would be getting his just deserts. When you think of the words “just” or “justice”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do the words “punishment” or “retribution” loom like large, ominous shadows in the background? Yes, they should. However, that is only part of the whole picture. It is unfortunate that they loom so large in the minds of so many. Is it because we know ourselves to have consistently fallen short of conducting ourselves in a just manner?

ScrollBeing a just person is not about sticking to a long list of “Dos & Don’ts”. It is not about being able to say “I’m not wrong”, the implication being that you don’t deserve any punishment. Being a just person simply means that you are being a leader. It simply means that you consistently practice “due process” in upholding and doing what is true, right and, well, just! “Due process” is very often hard work, which is why so few ensure that it is followed through. It is why so many make hasty judgments before examining all the evidence thoroughly from all reasonably possible angles. It is why people jump to conclusions as soon as they come across some body, or even a single piece, of evidence which seems to confirm what they are wishing for. For leaders, being just in all your dealings plays a major portion in “Encouraging the Heart”. It is one of the foundational reasons why you become “Inspirational” to those you are responsible for and who look up to you for direction, example and encouragement. Being a just leader means that you will be feared by slackers and loved by the productive.

How do you become a just leader? By being a just person. When you are known as a consistently just person, then all you need to do is just lead!

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