Innovative Outlook Is Simply Application Of Core Values

InnovateAre you an innovative person? Is your organization innovative? What, in any case, IS innovation? Well, I think most of us would agree that innovation is introducing change, organic or otherwise, that would help make things better, faster, smoother, more efficient, more effective, more user-friendly, more cost-effective, or a combination of the above. We hear of so many lamenting the dearth of innovation that seems to be a plague across cultures, industries and nations. It seems that many would have us believe that “innovation” is only to be found in places like Silicon Valley, New York City, Shanghai or Macau. Nonsense. All humans are designed to be innovative and “creative”, if we would but pay some attention to one important aspect of our lives. That aspect is, of course, our core values.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s personal or corporate core values. For core values to have any meaning at all, they must be manifestly expressed on a constant, daily, hourly basis. We bandy the term “espoused” core values versus what we actually observe, but I think that the term “espoused values” needs to be thrown on the rubbish heap. If values are not manifestly expressed, they do not exist except as figments of one’s imagination. Are you seeking to raise the level of innovation, creativity, etc, in your organization, or perhaps for yourself? No need to look outward, just go deep within yourself.

To highlight, if we were to increase our levels of Responsibility, we would become more innovative simply because when we take responsibility (ownership) of something, we would naturally want it to turn out well, as our “signature” would be on that piece of work. This means that we would seek all ways and means to make our “product” as well-designed, attractive, desirable, user-friendly and cost-effective. Does that sound a bit like innovation? How about if we increase levels of Hospitality, would we be constantly seeking new ways of making people feel welcome? Does that sound a little like being innovative too?

So, don’t worry about raising the levels of innovation in your organization, just look inside you. And if you still think you want help with innovation, look me up!

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