Is Compromise Good?

I suppose you know enough by now not to nod your head. To me, compromise is never good. This is because I sense that the word “compromise” seems to have more of the implication of “Cheating-On-My-PROMISE” than of the sense of “…to abide by an arbiter’s decision…” I would suggest that the following terms be used instead of “compromise”:

Covenant: This has the sense of a promise made between two or more parties, where certain minimum obligations are to be fulfilled, but the spirit of the covenant is for each party to go all out to seek the greatest good of the other, and not to be happy simply delivering the minimum.

Availability: To allow my own schedule to be disrupted in order to serve the needs of others. Of course, high-priority items on my schedule should not be bumped unless the needs of the other are so great as to outweigh those previously-scheduled items.

Flexibility: Choosing to suit the preferences and tastes of others, which may be contrary to my own. Remember, though, to be flexible in areas of preferences, but to stand firm as a rock where principles are concerned.

Hospitality: This is where I choose to share my resources in order to help another  have as pleasant an experience as possible.

Sensitivity: Being discerning of and choosing to respond positively to the needs of others. That might include a good kick up their derriere at times.

Tolerance: Understanding that others are at varying levels of maturity, and choosing to enhance my own level of maturity by accommodating their developmental needs.

Understand that “compromise” should not imply going contrary to principles. It does imply seeking to serve others for their good, but not being a doormat for others. It DOES mean receiving a just remuneration for the value of the goods and services which you offer. I trust you will find this useful and start building the concepts embodied in those terms into your daily vocabulary. That is certainly not something to compromise on! Share this with others so they can benefit too!

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