It Only Takes A Spark. Tinder, Fuel And Fanning Might Help, Too!

FireworksPeople love fireworks. Stunning, beautiful displays of harmless power. Well, harmless if fired as intended. We also like sparks. New beginnings. Picturesque showers falling from new buildings under construction. Cute little babies, kittens, puppies, tiger cubs. We love the playfulness and wonderful, latent promises of future potential. Just a spark fires the imagination. Now, wouldn’t it be good to stay the whole ride, even if it were for just one-way? I always remember this line from “Three Men and a Baby” when they were changing the baby’s diaper for the first time, “How can something so small produce so much of something so disgusting!??”

Three Men and a Baby


So many of us are like that, aren’t we? We love playing with babies, going goo-goo-gaa-gaa over them, but we don’t want to clean them up, wash up after feeding, sponge them when they have fevers, and see to their needs until we-don’t-know-what-time-of-day (night!) it is. We don’t like having to pack feed bottles, sterilizers, food mashers, boiled water, wet wipes, spare diapers and spare toilet rolls. We think it’s uncool having a baby in a carrier on your back, a great huge “baby bag” slung across your front, a toddler sitting on that same bag, and pushing a tandem stroller with two other little ones in it, all at the same time. No, we just want to play with the little cuties, have our “quality experience” with them, and leave all the rest to the nannies.

I have news for you. Getting a fire going takes time and effort. Raising children takes time and effort. Running a business takes time and effort. Being at the helm a large multinational takes time and effort. Yes, it does only take a spark. And you’d better have the tinder, small pieces of wood laid out, and more wood or charcoal in heaps standing by. Developing something great is a long road, and it’s worth it! Has this spark helped to light something up in you?

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