Job Done!

Boy ScoutHow many of you were Boy Scouts? Do you remember Job Week? That was one week in the year when we would go out, knock on doors and ask people if we could do a job for them. Some received princely sums for a little bit of effort, like getting ten dollars for dusting off a telephone, while some worked for a few hours cleaning up a garden and got maybe two dollars. Whatever it was, we did the jobs well and thanked our benefactors. The “Job Week” cards were duly filled in and we moved on to the next household. We also made sure that the householder put up a sticker we gave him. That sticker said “Job Done”, and it was put up prominently so that no other Boy Scouts would come along asking for a job. I’ve never heard of a householder keeping the “Job Done” sticker so that they could welcome another group or pair of Boy Scouts. The spirit of it was that each household was approached only once during that week.

Take time to reflect. Is that how you go about your business? Tick off the items in your list, heave a sigh of relief and say “Job Done”? Put it out of your mind, because it’s been taken care of, squared away?

Or do you take the effort to ensure that what you have just done meshes in well with the rest of the system? Do you follow up with customers and clients? How about following up with your suppliers and vendors? Do people find you a pleasure doing business with?

“Job Done” is certainly highly commendable. “Job Followed Through” is excellence. How are you going to be excellent today?

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