The Joy Of Work.

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Relationship Hours worked and productivity

Business Insider ran an article called “This Chart Shows The Relationship Between Hours Worked And Productivity” on 06 Oct 2013. It purports to show that productivity goes up when people spend less time at work. It’s probably so. I’m just not sure if there is a direct correlation. I don’t know how the survey was constructed and what it was designed to measure, but I do know that there is a relationship between how much you love your work and how productive you are at work.

Students in Computer LabHow do you see your work? Do you have a work life and a personal life, and find a need to balance the two? Or do you see work as a part of your life? Do you see work as something you need to do in order to get remunerated, or do you see work as something through which you express a part of yourself? Do you see work as part of what contributes to your growth as a person? Do you love what you do? If you haven’t found what you love, are you able to learn to love what you are currently doing?

Love workIf we love what we do, time passes without us noticing. Also, if we determine to focus our full attention to getting something done, we are often surprised when we raise our heads to see that four hours have passed by, for example. Have you ever had such experiences? I believe that it is not the number of hours we work that stifles our productivity. It is rather the fact that most people either hate their work or dislike their work environment. Having a dislike for the Boss is of course another major factor. Of course, I am not suggesting that we should find people who love their work, or who are able to be very focused in what they do, and work them for sixteen hours at a stretch, the way we work medical housemen. What I do say is that instead of simply looking at surface indicators like number of hours worked, and who knows whether they are actually productive hours, we examine the roots of why people excel at their work. I dare say you will find much in the way of deciding to love our work, and deciding to care about the people at our workplace. Including the Boss.

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