Do You Know The Story? Quote With Care! Quote me!

Quote about quotes

Quotes. Positive inspirational quotes. Negative demotivational quotes. Humorous quotes. Deep thinking quotes. Leadership quotes. Anonymous quotes. We all love quotes, don’t we? Quotes capture the essence of an idea, a concept, a state of being. They help to point out our foibles in ways that don’t make us feel so badly about ourselves. If you remember the tag line from that old AMCO advertisement, “Every AMCO tells a story, every AMCO tells a story in style.” Is the story owned by a pair of jeans? Each pair will look and feel a little different from another, even if both were made on the same day in the same place. Does each pair have its story? No, the story is that of the owners. The things they have done. The places they have been. The thoughts that came to them while they were wearing this or that pair of jeans. I wonder if our favourite quotes are something like AMCO jeans at times?

Next time you come across a quote, or think of a quote, do this. Get the background story of the quote. Who said it? What was the context? How did the statement, phrase or paragraph affect those who heard or read it? What did they understand it to mean? Then reflect on how the quote encourages, warns, amuses or entertains people today. Does it cause people to be uplifted and seek ennobling aspirations? Does it help people focus on being and doing better? Or does it encourage excuses and the tendency to take the easy way out?

Be discrete with your quotes. And be discreet when sharing them.

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