KSA. Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes. Helps When You Keep Short Accounts.

I came across Seth Godin’s post about “Emotional Handwashing” a couple of days ago and it reminded me immediately of the quality of Self Control. Much of the hype about “Be Yourself” is really incontinence that has been given a twisted sort of carte blanche for its expression. “No Fear” is really a manifestation of “No Respect”. We have by and large become a society of self-seeking grumpy babies refusing to grow up, and it is not cute any more. Seth’s reminder to us to leave our negative emotions at the door is something we need to remind ourselves of daily. It is not about hiding our issues and weaknesses, it is about honouring other people’s time and needs above our own. We would need to address our own needs too, of course. In the right fashion and at the appropriate time. In that light, we need to

Keep Short Accounts

Forgive, ask for forgiveness, make restitution and get on with life! Harbouring resentment and anger really harms mainly only one person – ourselves. Those around us may not even be aware of our negative emotional states. However, the tragedy is that in our negative emotional states of anger and resentment, those whom we love and who are closest to us get the full brunt of the devastating effects of what we nurse within ourselves. It is our responsibility to get our own emotions sorted out before we interact with others. Don’t ignore negative emotional states, just maintain control and, as Seth says, refrain from coughing and sneezing all over everyone else.

Keep Short Accounts, or KSA, also stands for

Knowledge Skills Attitudes

When we keep short accounts, not only are we respecting others, we are freeing ourselves to be able to take in more knowledge, acquire more skills and nurture great attitudes as well! Have a great time ahead!

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