Let’s Push That Space Frontier! Now, Where’s My Spacesuit?

SpaceI take it that lots of people dream constantly of “…going where no man has gone before…” The desire for a unique greatness is deeply ingrained in the human spirit. This is reflected in the way organizations describe their visions and goals. Strategy is conceived in order to direct how best to get to that goal. So, everyone gets aboard, or at least you try to get everyone to get aboard, and you get ready for blastoff time.

Wait. Have you taken your spacesuits? Do you even have spacesuits on board? When was the last time you used them? When was the last time you serviced them? Remember, when travelling through space at hyper velocities, even a bit of matter as small as a grain of sand could severely damage or even destroy your spaceship! You might need your spacesuits if you have to go outside and work on your spaceship! Even when you get to your destination, you might need your spacesuits if you want to send a probe down to whatever planet it is you’re orbiting.

Neglect your spacesuits, and you might indeed “…go where no man has ever gone before…” but you might not be able to enjoy it very much when you do get there!

When was the last time you checked your spacesuits? Think you might want to do it now?

For help in maintaining your spacesuits in tip-top condition, contact me! Email [email protected] or call 65-97119005 now!

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