Making GOOD Plans.

PlanningFor many people, it is either fail to plan or plan to fail. Don’t believe the tripe that most people can plan well, they just have trouble executing it. Nothing can be further from the truth! Now, I have said very often that most companies can plan well, but just can’t seem to be able to execute those plans. Those of you who understand oblique speaking would of course know exactly what I mean. If you don’t, take the trouble to find out! You’ll be glad you did.

Having a good situation awareness is one of the first steps to making GOOD plans. Situation awareness means both internal as well as external. What you have. What you don’t have. What the market needs, not wants. What the market DOESN’T need. What the market actually NEEDS, doesn’t know that it NEEDS, but can be persuaded to accept as what it NEEDS. Do you have good situation awareness? Not really? Well, what are you doing about it, wait for someone to Tweet it or post on Pinterest? Are you asking your clients/ customers? Are you asking your people, your staff, what they know and what they think?

Planning doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It starts from a base level of knowledge and understanding of the direction, the posture, the vision and mission of the company. When a planning session starts, it doesn’t start from zero, it starts with what is known, what is assumed, what is interpreted and what we need to find out, and we’d better find out!

Want your plans to be executable? Want to see your goals successfully exceeded? Then take the time and effort to do one thing. make GOOD plans. I know General George S Patton said that plans never survive contact with the enemy, but even he never proceeded without planning. The key is to understand that the plan is to better prepare you for the action that is to come.

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