Mandate For Mediocrity. Mandate For Magnificence.

To be given a mandate is to be authorized to make decisions and take action in line with the intent of the authority giving the mandate. The nature of the mandate is very important. It needs to be clear, unambiguous and guided by universal principles. It needs to empower the one to whom it is given in such a manner that the one executing it knows without a shade of doubt that whatever it is that needs to be embarked upon is true, right and just. This is important when whatever it is that has been mandated is unpopular and goes against the tide of conventional wisdom. We do need to remember that conventional wisdom…isn’t.

Joe Btfsplk

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Do you have a Mandate for Mediocrity or do you have a Mandate for Magnificence? Do you know people who seem to be like that cartoon character walking around with a cloud over his head? Nothing seems to go right for him, and worse, for people around him! Or are you more familiar with the types who seem to easily turn difficulties into opportunities and are in a position to choose which businesses they want and which not?

A Mandate for Mediocrity is issued when the authority issuing it is yourself. When that happens, you become a god and become answerable to no one except yourself. This is not a form of taking on personal responsibility, far from it! This is simply making everyone else, society included, beholden to yourself. It is a philosophy exalting entitlements over responsibilities, and has been the root cause of the fall of many civilizations. If you run your own life and make decisions based on your own morality, you are operating under a Mandate for Mediocrity.

ScrollOperating under a Mandate for Magnificence ensures that you have the internal sense of security and justice to fearlessly carry out what you know is true, right and just. Mandates for Magnificence focus on self-development with the aim of helping others. It is not a “Let-me-get-rich-first-then-I’ll-be-in-a-position-to-help-others” kind of thing. Mandates of Magnificence cause the ones operating under them to be other-focused and generates a multi-generational mindset when making decisions and taking action. Long-term benefits are favoured above short-term gains, although this does not totally discount the taking of “low-hanging fruit” as and when appropriate.

So, what kind of Mandate are you operating under? Which one would you like?

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