Too Many Choices? Really?

When choices abound, our feet, they get cold
Often enough have we heard that one told
Does that affect you so much that you whine?

Well, one thing for sure, my decisions are mine!

DecisionsIt seems that we are spoilt for choice these days. So many options, so many varieties, so much food, so much entertainment, where shall we go next for our holiday, it goes on and on. How do we respond? Having a wide range of choices is good for us, surely? Not really, it seems. We are told that when we are faced with too many choices, we tend to freeze and not make any choices at all. Or perhaps it is that we choose not to choose and default to whatever is safe and familiar. Does having too many choices cause you become paralyzed when you ought to be swift and decisive?

Dream Star“Wait a minute,” you might say, “Isn’t having many choices, having many options, good for us? After all, that’s what strategy is all about, isn’t it, creating more options?” You would be right, of course. That is, if the options you create are all viable, executable options. If they aren’t then they are simply the products of flights of fancy, and we all know where that goes! If you’ve been following my posts, you would know that there is a difference between the exercise of imagination and indulgence in fantasy. Dream big, dream fantastic, dream ennobling, dream inspiring, and you won’t go wrong. Dreaming that way helps you stay focused and productive.

Are you plagued by having too many choices? Pause. Re-evaluate. How many of those choices are actually choices, not fantasies? Keep those, work on them, and discard the rest. You do not need to live by the misbegotten notion that since you are faced with too many choices, all you can do is retreat back into your cave and choose nothing.
So, what options are you choosing to work on today? Go for it!
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