Marketing Your Brand?

Beware of DogIt seems that everyone is being encouraged to be a marketer these days. The Net’s a stage where each plays a part, and mine a blog one. I just checked – there are about 68 million WordPress blogs alone, not counting the many others. Each one is a marketing tool by default. Of course, quality varies, and I am not so sure it follows a normal distribution pattern. Only a fraction of marketing effort goes into blogs and social media, but from what I’ve been reading, that seems to be growing.

How do YOU tell whether a marketing effort is presenting what it purports to? By sensing if the whole is congruent, of course. Is the brand consistent across all media, online and offline? Do the people you see look, sound, smell and feel like the brand? What about the personal lives of the people representing the brand, do their personal lives give you a good impression of the brand?

Now, what about YOUR marketing? Does it truly represent your brand? Weekdays and weekends, at work, home and play. Are you happy with what you see? What will you do?

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