Masculinity isn’t toxic. It’s essential.

Someone sent me a short article and asked me whether population decline in Korea and Japan were due to declining masculinity. I didn’t ask him to define what “masculinity” meant. It doen’t mean having the ability to attract many women to want to mate with you anytime or anyhow you feel like it. It does mean living like how you’re supposed to be living – like a man. Period.

Masculinity has been attacked over the centuries, yes, centuries. It is not a recent phenomenon. Ever since Adam failed to protect Eve from being deceived, masculinity has been steadily degraded, mocked and maligned, and not only by feminists. Is there a need to “regain” masculinity? Not  on your life. All you need are Fathers and Grampas who will naturally raise young men. Of course, mothers are essential, too, and it is a very good idea to at least try to ensure that your sons have brothers and sisters with whom they can interact and grow. Puppies who have not been raised in a litter fail to develop “litter bite”, which is a playful bite that will not cause harm. Such puppies need to be retrained before they can safely play with others. You might think there are exceptions, and there are, but you would be ill-advised to challenge known facts with the exceptions you know of.

I shared a link to a certain Harvey Mansfield’s conversation with a certain Peter Robinson with this person, the one who asked me about Korean and Japanese masculinity being in decline and contributing to falling birth rates in those respective countries. Hopefully, he’ll take heed to what those distinguished gentlemen have to say, even if he doesn’t take me seriously.

So. Can we stop these specious debates about toxic masculinity and similar nonsense and just let Fathers and Grampas go about raising Manly Men? There is a demographic crisis looming, in case you haven’t noticed, and it is being caused by emasculated men. Emasculated, not physically, but spiritually and emotionally.

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