People Don’t Buy On Emotion, Neither Do They Buy On Impulse. They Get Sold.

DeceptionYes, all that talk about people buying because of emotion isn’t right. People don’t buy on emotions, and people don’t buy on impulse. People get sold, plain and simple. After that happens, people don’t justify their purchases logically, either, they just appear to be logical while reasoning away what has now hit them as having made a bad choice, or having bought something they didn’t really need or even want. Yes, I know all that talk about making your customers feel good so that they will buy anyway, whether they actually need what you sell or not. A lot of it has to do with people’s need to look good and feel good about themselves. If a fancy car does that for them, so be it. I’m not taking exception to that, I’m simply calling attention to the fact that buying is done in cold blood and that getting sold is being swept off your feet, so to speak.

Hundred dollar billsPeople love getting sold. It makes them feel good. Which is why I talked about people BUYing themselves short in a previous post. In so many ways, people are not as endlessly manipulable as we might think, as Daniel Pink, author of “Drive” likes to put it, and then again, people ARE endlessly manipulable in other ways. Self-esteem is so scarce that people welcome with open arms anything that makes them feel or look good to almost any degree. I referred to that when I wrote about being sorry for making you feel good in a previous post.

What about you? Do you tend to buy what you need and want, or do you tend to get yourself sold? Which end of the spectrum do you live in most of the time? Work on self efficacy and increase the level of your self-esteem. Get good at things you like to do. Become great at one or two. Then you’ll be better at buying in cold blood. The great emotions will come next, and they sure last a lot longer!

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