Personal Breakthroughs. Hard work.

Bald Eagle in FlightThere are many analogies we could use in life. One is that of using thermals to soar above the madding morass of the unnatural state of things we call common. Another is a sense of hard work, labouring, being determined, pushing endurance to the limits, until breakthrough is achieved. There is a danger of overusing the idea of “…just a little bit more…” when you jolly well know that it is NOT “…just a little bit more…”, it is a whole lot more! And knowing that we’ll get there a little at a time. Perhaps with one or two “quantum” leaps in between if we could spot the gaps and flow channels. That is why it is so important to keep that huge, ennobling goal in mind and either flow around or wear away at obstacles. It is why thinking that we are trailblazers keeps us going. It is knowing that every inch counts towards reaching the goal that fires us up to keep plugging away, ignoring pain and discomfort, but also knowing when to take our rest without lurking feelings of false guilt. Most of you do not like to hear that. But hear it you must. Not only must you hear it, you need to do it, too! When I wrote about having your head in the clouds, but with your feet firmly planted on the ground, that is another picture of how we ought to live life. Big visions, like what you would see if you were soaring, and staying constantly in touch with the daily realities of living, as if you were hard at work digging ditches with your hands and maybe a spade or mattock, or what Diggingwe would call a “changkul” over here.

Do you recognize that you need to hold both the end vision and daily realities in your head? What are you hard at work doing now? Are you able to see how such hard work leads to your desired goal? Do so, for that is the real essence of “working smart”!

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