Plants Produce Poisons, Too!

FoodsSome of us prefer certain foods over other types of food. Still others eschew meats in favour of fruits and vegetables. Many today are warned against starch, and there are some for whom meat is the major portion of their daily diet. The saying that one man’s meat is another man’s poison seems to be holding true to this day. Is that true for you? Do you avoid certain foods and favour others?

Our bodies are much more adaptable than we have been led to believe. If we move to a different location and find ourselves pining away, literally and figuratively, for our home country, sights, sounds, and tastes, it is probably in most cases not due to the food in our new locality lacking in nutrition. It is because we have developed appetites for Mealcertain foods that are not as readily available where we are located presently. It is because of our mental states, not because our bodies are unable to adapt, that we languish in unnecessary malaise. In fact, if we would just focus on exploring and eating local fare, we would stay healthier in our new locale. In Mongolia, for instance, soup is almost always served with a thick slice of mutton fat! I can hear the “Eeeeewws” already! Eat that soup regularly in the tropics and you stand a high chance of coronary disease, unless you run a marathon every week or so. Eat that while living in Mongolia and chances of getting a heart attack are much slimmer. That is provided you choose to experience life, or at least some of it, the way the Mongols do.

Have you chosen to be adaptable? Is your mind flexible enough to thrive in any situation? Remember that it is a decision! Mind you, even plants produce poisons, too!

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