Preferences Aren’t Limitations

Different preferences?They’re possibilities. Expressions of possibilities, to be exact. When will we stop thinking about our preferences as limitations? Yes, we all have basic preferences, as we are all designed differently, and our different preferences, tastes and inclinations make up for a very interesting and diverse mix. We all have preferences when it comes to clothing, climate, tastes, drinks, hobbies and vocations. When are we going to stop thinking that our preferences are the quintessential us?

Perhaps we will when we stop listening to those who make us think that our preferences are our “strengths”, that our preferences are what “defines” us. Tell me who talks about their preferences when upon their deathbeds? We hear time and again that when we are on our deathbeds, we will talk about our relationships or the lack thereof. Nobody talks about their tastes or the “finer things in life”. Even if those are mentioned, it is always in the context of one thing, and that one thing is the quality of relationships. We live because of those with whom we have quality relationships. We perform much better at the workplace when we have at least one person whom we can truly call our friend. A friend whom we can count on in times of need, not because he or she likes the same lager as we do, or goes to the same Singapore Symphony Orchestra concerts. We only form strong and deep relationships with those who are trustworthy, who have demonstrated consistently that they are loyal and benevolent persons, swift in making decisions and standing by them because they know those decisions are right. We don’t form deep, strong relationships with people simply based on their preferences or even their “talents”.

When we start to recognize that, we can then stop our preferences being our limiting factors. We’ll turn them into possibilities instead. 

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