Pride. Prejudice. Powerlessness.

With apologies to Jane Austen.

KryptoniteConsigning other people to hell as we define it, thinking less of them than we ought to, and thinking better of ourselves in the same manner, are all manifestations of pride, of prejudice, and ultimately, a sign of utter powerlessness. Contrary to popular misconception, power does not corrupt. Powerlessness corrupts. Power is power. A corrupt vessel will wield the power poured into it in a corrupt fashion. A goodly vessel will use the same power to benefit others. No, power does not corrupt. It is powerlessness that causes us to seek to display the power we crave, but have not, in abominable ways. Powerless people love incomprehensibly inebriated rules and regulations because it gives them an aura of importance, and it is that aura of importance which makes them feel good. Nothing wrong with wanting to feel good, we all do. Just that we need to ponder and reflect upon WHAT makes us feel good, and why.

Solar PowerDo you know what power resides in you? It is far more important than you might care to think. You don’t want to think about it because true power always comes with a crushing weight of responsibility. The good news is that true power helps to lighten that same crushing weight. Genuine power causes others to look up to you with respect. And, unavoidably, with expectation. Wield your power well, and encourage your people to wield theirs also, for such will be the manifest power of your organization. Aggregate, collate, and integrate all your powers together if you want to thrive and create more and more value for all your stakeholders. It is the only way to sustain profit in your business endeavours.

What powers do you have? Your team? Your organization? Take stock today! You might be in for a pleasant surprise. Horizons will start to broaden. Possibilities will come into sharp focus as you start to realize who you are. And who you’re not.

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