Principle, Doctrine, Methodology.

Principle Doctrine MethodologyI am always amazed at how people will argue endlessly with each other over “which method works better” or even “which is the right method” instead of taking a step back, recognizing the doctrine from which the methods sprang in the first place, and then exploring fresh ways of approaching the situation in question. We are all highly attuned to “Current Operations”. This is reflected in the news we take in daily, some even hourly or by the minute or as -it-happens. Sensationalizing the news only serves to feed our unhealthy appetites for such things. We forget to take a step backwards and climb upwards to get a better perspective on situations for the forces that are the causes for the news.

Car SalespersonIf we are selling goods and services, what needs do our goods and services satisfy? Are those needs already existing and people are aware of them, or do we need to help people become cognizant of their own needs? That is not as far-fetched as it might sound. Lepers, for example, need to have their whole bodies inspected every so often to ensure that they do not sustain wounds they cannot feel. Simple cuts, abrasions or bruises, left untreated, could easily degenerate into gangrene and cause death by septicaemia or even whole-body sepsis. Treatment methods would depend on what people really need and whether people would be receptive if we told them.

Discuss methods, by all means. Just remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, recall what the doctrine was for this time period, and take cognizance of the principles from which the doctrine was derived. Your methods are your tactics, the doctrine is what determines current strategy, and the spirit of universal, non-negotiable principles permeates throughout.

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