Private Affairs. Privates, I Mean.

PrivateNot what you think. I’m talking about the Grunt, the Digger, the Mudfoot, the Worker, the Labourer, the Crane Operator, the Front Line Salesperson, the Telephone operator, the Chef, the Waiter, the Bus Driver, the Deliveryman, the Farmer, the Fishmonger, the Toilet Cleaner, the Maintenance Crew, the Security Guards. Amongst others. Know any of them? You know who I mean. The Privates. They seem to have largely gone missing, and the remainder are going missing fast.

Privates used to make up the bulk of an Army. Workers, meaning people who actually did the work, made up a large part of companies. They seem to be getting a little scarce. Oh, they can be found in great numbers in “other countries” where there is an abundance of “cheap labour”, but even those sources are beginning to dry up as more and more people become aware of what’s really happening in the world around them. People are getting weary of being exploited by corporations disguised as “benefactors” who “give them jobs”. CEOs are no longer held in reverence, or at least respect, by those who work for them. The enormous difference in remuneration between CEO and telephone operator is very often quite unjustified and disguised as the difference in value provided by them. Value to whom? For whom?

WelderThe erosion of hierarchical organizations is very serious. It is actually an indicator of the rise of artificial value. Given the increase in artificial foods, economies and so forth, perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising. Hierarchies, which were meant for the benefit of all in the structure, became largely tyrannically exploitative instead of developmentally nurturing. So, people reacted and moves to “replace” hierarchies with “flat” organizations came about. The rejoicing will stop when people start to realize that “flat’ organizations can never exist, and that the old hierarchies have simply been replaced by new ones.

This will continue until we learn not to have Private Affairs, but to love and nurture Privates. As someone said, to treat each other with Love & Respect. To pay people according to the true value they render unto us. Talk of “Minimum Wage” will disappear if we do that! Are you willing to start treating your Privates well? It’ll be well worth doing!

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