Productivity increases by 30% to 40% in large cities?

Over recent years, I have been puzzled by what many economists assert as truth – that productivity in large urban areas, where multitudes flock to live and work, is actually 30% to 40% more than elsewhere. I suppose this is derived from the notion that there is wisdom in crowds, and is probably why I find it so annoying that various church leaders and the like always declare that I “…need to be in a church…”, presumably meaning theirs. How can productivity be raised where there is “…fulness of bread and abundance of idleness…”? Now, I have no doubt that, as many like-minded and similarly industrious people gather together, productivity WILL increase. The question I ask is “Productivity in what?” One can indeed be productive in bringing forth good fruit, and one can also choose to be very productive in bringing forth bad fruit. Now, since there is not one man alive who is able to change the nature of another to do good and produce good fruit, and since toxins in very small amounts are very effective in working death so that bad fruit abounds, why are we still so insistent in flocculating so as to build more and more Babels? So that we can have more working men not working but spending their days in the desolation of screen indulgence? So we can frighten people into thinking that the world is going to fry in ten years unless we go vegetarian, eat lab-grown “abomeatations” and stop breathing? So  people will be convinced that wonderfully good health and vitality can only come from endless vaccinations?

How can there be increased productivity in an environment where there is fulness of bread and abundance of idleness?

Stop this tropism towards larger and larger cities, whether physically or even “digitally”. I am not advocating having many more small to medium size cities in order to “Spread the wealth around”, which is another abominable saying I detest, but to encourage fruitful labour and genuine innovation. There is room for a whole lot more of that!

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