Propaganda? Have a Proper Gander at it!

Free lunch? Nope, not even for this bird. It has to work for it!

When the word “propaganda” comes your way, what comes to your mind? Do you instantly think of repressive authoritarian regimes brainwashing their people so as to gain more control over them? No need to look too far, just look at your own government in action, not as espoused. Propaganda is all around us, left and right. In the US, social security for example, was never something demanded by the people. It had to be sold to the people by the US government or it would never have come through. It’s all around us in sales and marketing and some perhaps have chosen it to be their default way of life. 

So, as the old English might have said, “Have a gander!” Make sure it’s a proper gander and don’t get rabbit-holed by propaganda! There is no such thing as a free lunch and you are not entitled to a good life at future generations’ expense. Remain committed to being a producer all of your natural life. Then you’ll see the economy booming again. Swim against the current current. It’s worth it. 

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