Psychometric Tools. Be DISCerning!

That's right! Now, with that, how do you get from A to B by when?

That’s right! Now, with that, how do you get from A to B by when?

The more I deliver and participate in people development endeavours, the more I am convinced that all psychometric instruments are great snapshots of the people involved. They might even be great X-ray snapshots, but they are still snapshots.

Snapshots are great conversation starters. They ought to be springboards toward great and fruitful relationships, but often get diverted down the slippery slope of gossip. After all, sliding downhill is a whole lot more fun, isn’t it? And what could be more fun than sticking labels on people, putting them into the appropriate boxes, maybe bring the branding iron out and let’s have fun that’s even more remarkable! After all, our style determines our destiny, doesn’t everyone know that? See my sardonic smile?

I ask you to remember that, besides being great conversation starters, psychometric instruments and related assessments serve the important role of outlining how working parts in a complex system are to be lubricated, and what types of lubricant should be used for different components and sub-systems. They serve as guides for preparing the ground for great and sustainable harvests. Those harvests are the fruit of great and sustainable relationships.

So, exercise DISCernment! Use tools according to design and intent, and make sure they become benefits, not otherwise.

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