Raise interest rate by 75 basis points to fight inflation?

This was what caught my eye this morning. Another yawn-inducing piece. Except that the Fed isn’t responsible for inflation. People who have bought into the lie that printing more money stimulates economic growth are. Well, you can’t stimulate something that’s not there. The only way to get wealthy is to be diligent in producing goods and services that people need, not necessarily what people want or have been led to believe that they want. It’s being able to continuously produce more than what we consume, and I mean real production, not just that airy-fairy term “making money”.

Stop borrowing money. Live within your current means and if you want more, become more diligent and productive. Do not depend on the government to give you goodies. The government is supposed to take care of security, national infrastructure and maintaining a growth-friendly environment. Stop talking about climate change. Stop being beholden to nonsensical declarations of “global pandemics” unsupported by science but forced through by dint of verbal virtuosity.

Remember what Milton Friedman said about inflation. Stop dismissing him by simply asserting that he only talked about the money supply. Look for his videos and watch them again. Get his books and read them. That would be a good start to not being knocked out by inflation. And then maybe have the possibility of fruitfulness ahead.

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