“Reality” Is NOT “Current Situation.”

turbulenceIn our journey towards excellence and being all that we are designed to be and to do, we often encounter turbulence, storms, heavy seas and other forms of adverse environmental conditions that seem bent on stopping us in our tracks. They take the form of naysayers, people who never remember anything good you’ve done and people who will jump at any excuse to throw rocks at you. Does that sound like your current situation? It does not have to be your reality!

Determine to do this right now – ignore them! Never, ever, accept unsolicited advice or criticism. They are usually made by impudent people who want only to drag you down to their level. Extend your hand of help and friendship to them in order to pull them up, but never descend to their level. I am not referring to having a meal or light chat with them, but do not spend too much time hanging out with them, or they will drag you down to their level. Provide value where possible, and do not be intimidated by their catcalls of you being arrogant or practising any form of discrimination. If your wound doesn’t heal and gangrene starts to set in, you have no choice but to amputate or you will die. Sad but true.

Help enrich othersDoes this imply that you are perfect, beyond reproach? Hardly. We all stumble along the way. What some of these endemic naysayers do is pounce on you when you have fallen flat on your face and try drowning you in the mud. If you happen to be bleeding, they will try to asphyxiate you using your own blood. Throw them off, lick your wounds and carry on with the journey! Find a cave where you can lay up for a while to rest and recover.

In all this, it is important to remember that the difficult current situation you happen to find yourself in does not define you. Recall why you started your journey in the first place – was it not because you were seeking to become better, to achieve personal significance, to be remembered as someone who gave of himself for the benefit of others? To be remembered fondly as someone who helped others to become greater than themselves?

When you regain your vision, do this – focus on getting there, associate with people who will help you get there, and terminate relationships which are dysfunctional. You cannot help them now. Perhaps in future you might be able, but right now, there are others who need you. Those who need a hand up from you, and those who themselves become better by helping you. Focus on moving toward becoming your best.

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