Red Tape. Ready to ruin great renovations?

What’s that at the top left of the picture?

The Golden Mile Food Centre, a.k.a. Army Market, has undergone more than a few upgrades and renovations over the years. I went there looking for some comfortable safari-style togs but couldn’t find any I liked. The washrooms had been upgraded, though, which was cheery to see. Something inside caught my eye, though. Do you see it in the picture? Yes, something I thought I’d never see again – Red Tape, and sticky at that!

Has your outfit been upgraded recently? Spun off some Divisions, bought over others? Had a big M & A? Take care, some Red Tape might have sneaked in from the bad old days, and maybe spawned some bright, shiny, spanking new Red Tape as well. Tell-tale signs about the health of your current outfit. Spotted signs of any? What will you do about them?

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