Reliable Redundancies

ParachuteIn this day and age of Lean, Six Sigma and a general frowning upon anything seen as superfluous, redundancies are remarkably reprehensible and classified in the same category as refuse. How dare I even bring the matter up, the Efficiency Experts would exclaim! Haven’t I gotten it into my thick skull that that’s how our processes should all be? Anything else is sheer wastage!

Not quite. I wrote about 2-Up a while back, and I emphasized that we need to prepare and develop our people to be able to take on appointments that are two levels up in the organization. Many of you would still curl your lips in disbelief, but I meant what I said, and I continue to stand by it. Your people won’t start to leave you. On the contrary, you’ll find that they now exude a fresh exuberance and confidence to tackle anything the business sphere throws at them.

By the way, when I say “redundancies” I do not mean things like having a second call centre somewhere on an Indian Ocean island, fully equipped but with no one manning it. That may be part of some company’s Business Continuity Management Plan, and it is all very well to make such preparations, but that is not what I mean. I don’t even mean having infrastructure that is able to cope with failures occurring in different sectors of the business, or even occurring in different geographical regions, and this is regardless of what business you happen to be in.

Reliable Redundancies are mindsets. Mindsets of Determined Resourcefulness. Decisive Creativity. Bold Endurance. Patient Orderliness. Frameworks, structures, contingency plans and full war chests cannot substitute for people who possess the qualities mentioned. What are you doing to create redundancies in your organization?

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