Repeat Your Mistakes. Repeat Your Missed Takes. Repeat Your Best Takes.

Do you have bad habits? Do you have bad habits that you’d like to break? Well, I have remarkable news for you – that’s NOT what I help you with! I help you to form GOOD habits and focus on forming GOOD habits. Then you’ll be in a better position to erase the remnants of the bad habits.

Oops! Road SignOne of the reasons why we keep repeating the same mistakes is that we have developed bad habits. Then we try to develop good habits and, of course, we have a lot of missed takes. We take potshots at the goal and we miss. Do you feel like that sometimes? What do you do, give up? Be honest. You’ve given up more times than you care to admit! Persevere!  Keep on taking your shots at the goal of developing GOOD habits. Then, when you start scoring, repeat your Best Takes. Visualize your Best Takes. Keep practicing, keep shooting. Very soon, your takes will tend to be Best Takes.

And then you’ll start having fewer and fewer Missed Takes. And fewer and fewer Mistakes.

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