Retirement To A Life Of Ease. Why You Should Avoid It.

This is going to be politically incorrect, I know. Well, that’s ok, I’m not known for political correctness. It has got to be one of the biggest blemishes on human conduct. Which is why I’ll ignore it and talk about retirement the way I do.

lazy work

Are you looking forward to retirement? Why? What do you think of when you think about retirement? A life of ease? Travel around the world? Do all the things you couldn’t do while you had a full-time job? Check off the things on your bucket list? What’s your age for retirement? Oh, yes, do you see yourself as being financially independent, not having to bother your children or anyone else when you get older? Do you want to die with dignity, whatever that means?

Stop fantasizing! Do you have a concrete plan for your retirement years? Where are you now where that plan is concerned? Assuming you do have a plan, that is. If you can’t answer, then you don’t have a workable plan. Should you start on one? Forget it, my Friend. Plans for a life of ease mostly vaporize. Do you know with certainty that your golden nest egg will actually be there? Are you certain that whatever you plan for will surely come to pass?

If that doesn’t sound very good to you, how about aspiring to be all that you were meant to be and to do right now? How about making sure that you can answer the questions that matter in a positive way? Most of those questions, you might notice, have to do with the quality of your relationships and how you want to be remembered. None are concerned with your life of ease.

So stop concerning yourself with things that don’t matter and focus on what does. You’ll start living, not your life of ease, but definitely your life of peace.

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