Seven Billion.


Seems like an inexhaustible number, right? Wrong. Seven billion is finite. Seven billion can still be counted. I’m talking about our collective insatiable need to “Get this cheaper somewhere else. Never pay full price again.” Someone, somewhere, will always be selling it more cheaply, and we will never run out of sources of cheap goods and services that are still somehow reasonably good. Wrong again. What an example of puerile red ocean thinking! Instead of reciprocating increasing value, creating more pie, we scheme to steal more pie from others who do not have enough themselves!

Ploughing FieldWe’ve been had. We’ve bought into the lie that this planet doesn’t have enough resources to sustain fruitful lives for all of us. We’ve been told to watch out, keep the population increasing and we’d reach the tipping point of no return. The truth is, there is more than enough lebensraum, living space, for all the current seven billion with room to spare! What has happened is the inequitable distribution of resources. Farmers are encouraged to let fields lie fallow or even burn their crops so that they can get subsidies. I wonder how many who have died from hunger might be alive today if the surplus had just been given to those who needed it most? We strip the earth of minerals and give lip service to reforestation. We pollute our fresh water sources and darkly predict that the next war would be fought over water! When is this going to stop? Who is willing to help turn the tide?

Blood from stoneIt starts with you. It starts with you having a generous mindset of abundance. It starts with you being willing to pay for value, not try to squeeze the last bargainous drop of blood from people helplessly in the grip of having to slave just to earn a decent living. It starts with you being responsible in managing resources. It starts with you increasing value to whatever you put your hand and mind to.

 Seven billion. It starts with you.
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