Stage Fright? Fear Of Public Speaking? Not If You Achieve Personal Significance!

audience-and-micI have Hazriq Idrus of “The Speaking Factory” to thank for this blog post. Last night we had the 85th APTS meeting at The Plaza, Beach Road. Hazriq was one of the speakers and he spoke on “STAGE-Play!: Creative & Theatrical Games for Trainers & Workshop Leaders”. The main thrust of the talk was in using creative games and activities in order to get more engaged with your audience.

You’re not a trainer? Not a speaker? Don’t think you’ll ever present anything to anyone in an audience? Well, public speaking and stage fright don’t afflict only trainers and speakers, they afflict anyone who has to present his or her views to an audience or in public, even if that audience or “public” happens to be just one person!

There are several factors that cause stage fright, or fear of public speaking. By the way, did you know that fear of public speaking is called “glossophobia”? Doesn’t sound like a very good term to me, it smacks of “glossing over” whatever it is you’re saying, and none of us should be doing that! Anyway, glossophobia is caused by such things as fear of criticism, feelings of inadequacy, feeling that you are not prepared, and a whole host of others. However, I feel strongly that the main reason is that we lack a wholesome sense of personal significance.

Personal significance is not about being the first person to colonize another planet, or being the first man to explore the bottom of the Marianas Trench. Personal significance is about being very congruent with who you really are. It is about living a life which demonstrates all that you were meant to be and to do. It is about living with joy and enthusiasm, knowing that you are fulfilling all you were designed for, with whatever you have, wherever you are. It is about having a very deep sense that you are living out your purpose in life.

Does that describe you? Great! Go and instill Personal Significance in others! Perhaps you’d like to know more? Well, one way is to become a Building Better Business member on my site. You will have access to more exclusive content and more focused interaction with myself and others. Have a great day!

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