Stay The Course

Do you want to succeed at anything you put your hand to? Well, there is one simple principle that would ensure that – persistence! Most people who fail eventually fail because they do not persist. Of course, you’re not one of them, otherwise you would not be reading this! Now, does that mean that successful people do not fail? You know the answer, of course! Successful people fail, and they fail often! The difference is, they fail FORWARD! Do you know what it means to fail often and fail forward? Then come and start learning how to do so!

As part of the MAXIMIZERS mini-workshop series, Elijah Consulting is pleased to present the Stay The Course mini-workshop!


  • Determination. The Salmon Story.
  • Bored with the Basics? Great! Keep at it!
  • Building Resilience. The importance of physical fitness.
  • Ask “Why?” Then you can handle any “How” !
  • Committing to action.

Date & Time: Monday 19 Nov 2012, 1900 – 2100 hrs.

Light refreshments will be served from 1800 hrs. Come early and network with other participants! Remember to bring your business cards along!

Investment: $40 per participant. $60 for two participants registering together.



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