Strategic Investments?

I’ve never made or managed any “Investments” worthy of the term, as people in the investment world would view them. I’ve dabbled in trying to sell retail investments but never really liked it. The world of investments, finance, stocks, futures, money, crypto and so forth doesn’t interest me very much. It ranks alongside entertainment, drugs, booze and all the rest of it. What caught my eye this morning was a Geopolitical Futures article about “Japan’s Strategic Investment Offensive“. The article is by Victoria Herczegh and is a subscriber’s-only piece. Well, I’ve always encouraged you to subscribe, not that I get any financial reward from recommending, but I might gain someone thirsting to discuss such topics with me and perhaps with a few other betters.

Why do people trade, invest, explore, exploit and so forth? To gain more food, water, fresher air, armaments, allies, markets, slaves and so forth, of course. Since everyone is greedy and selfish, Economics as a discipline is really not just about the production and distribution of scarce resources which have alternative uses, but the most humane way of managing human covetousness. Interestingly, Japan could quite easily be self-sufficient in the essentials for life, and has been quite self-sufficient in the past. The scarcity of crop-growing land, mainly in the Yamato and Kanto plains, was partially offset by Japan’s willingness to harvest the bounties of the Inland Sea and, indeed, the waters that come with being an archipelago. Nevertheless, historically Japan has had to import other resources such as coal and steel, essential items for running an economy other nations would sooner trade with than ingest. If nuclear power became commonplace, then people would figment some other luxury to trade in.

I remain firmly in the notion that the only real investment worth making is in a nation’s own Human Capital. Investing in other nation’s Human Capital comes a close second. You invest in other nation’s Human Capital so that you have a network of friends, not just allies or trading partners, who appreciate each other and seek to support each other’s growth. And mean it, not just make mealy-mouthed statements. Do continue seeking sound financial investments in the meantime, however. The world is already entrenched in such a system and will not change anytime soon, if ever. Just maybe take heed to what I say and give your people space in which to grow. Interdependence, globalization, international trade, technological innovation, AI and so forth will continue. If you make investments in your people, you just might be able to continue your journey in this world’s environment as well. And enjoy the journey better than otherwise. Are you playing in the world of Investments, etc? Chew on this. You’re welcome!

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