Stretch Goals. Quantum Leaps. Good Soup.

SoupI saw a LinkedIn post the other day vilifying what it referred to as “stretch goals” in organizations. I can’t find it now, or I’d put the link here. Well, whether people choose to refer to “stretch goals”, “quantum leaps” or whatever new terminology comes along, I know one thing for sure – I always appreciate good soup. I like soups of all kinds, whether chicken soup, beef soup, mutton soup, mulligatawny soup, “tom yam” soup, various kinds of soup. I’ve heard that at least one of them can be good for the soul. Soups are appreciated all over the world. They take time and some effort to prepare, and a soup that is deliciously nutritious is always slurped or “eaten” with accompanying relish. Good soups perk you up and give you a feeling of wholesome goodness. Soups and other potions are taken by people about to go for examinations or perhaps before performing some other superhuman feat in order to qualify for a position or other coveted prize.

Yes, soups are definitely “souper”, and I am definitely a “souperholic”! Are you stressed by the “stretch goals” that require you to execute some “quantum leaps”? Is that phrase “You can’t jump over a 20-foot chasm in two 10-foot leaps” still dancing before your eyes? Relax! Let’s have some soup.

Soup that tastes so good after a day of rigorous achievements. Or perhaps after a season when you feel you didn’t do as well as you would have liked. Have some soup anyway. The soup of constant perfect practice. The soup of constant honing and calibration. The soup of reflection. The soup of journaling. The soup of musing. The soup of exploration. The soup of small, incremental wins. In short, simple, good soup.

Because that’s how you finally get that blend for the gourmet soup of breakthrough and exponential growth for the next phase.

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