TAO. Triggers And Overrides.

The Chinese character romanized as Tao or Dao means “The Way”. It came to my mind this morning and the phrase “Triggers And Overrides” appeared before me.

Triggers are of course basic, natural, archetypal responses to thoughts about discernible events. Emotions are triggered by the thoughts, spawning more thoughts and actions including speech, physiological and physical responses. This orchestration of the COVID-19 situation has triggered a lot of fear, panic and utterly illogical reactions in populations worldwide. Examples abound on the internet and in published works. These were not caused by COVID-19. They were triggered by COVID-19. The ethnic unrest in the United States was not triggered by COVID-19. It merely exposed the deep faultlines in American society.

It is the duty of leaders to help those they are responsible for to choose to override their baser instincts and walk in the Way of Love for one another. Tough love, not that silly sentimental emotion mistaken for love, which Tina Turner sang about some time ago.

Choose The Way! We will all be triggered by our baser instincts. We then have a choice to Override those baser instincts. And move forward to grasp the Truth and the Life.

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