Tax, tax, tax. Thank you to my upline.

Once again, I see arguments over more tax, how to tax, whom to tax, ad nauseum. By the way, it’s “whom” to tax, not which corporations to tax. You can’t tax companies, you can only tax people.

Once again, when will we take to heart that raising tax rates lowers tax revenues, and vice versa? It’s not how much you tax, it’s how much more goods and services we sell and provide.

Everybody wants to be Robin Hood. Rob the rich, give to the poor. Except when they start to realize that they ARE the proverbial goose from which cometh the golden eggs. Then they start proposing clever ways of raising the taxes for others.

Refer to a sample ST article here: Tan See Leng, Pritam Singh clash over impact of WP tax proposals on Singapore society.

Naftali Bennett’s “Singapore Plan”: Singapore Plan w/English Subtitles


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